Marty Simonoff For Brea City Council


As your Council Member…

Marty has always worked closely with all Brea citizens and organizations to ensure that their concerns are heard and considered.  Marty’s open door policy, and your willingness to share your interests and concerns, have helped Brea become the admired community it is – safe, sound and solvent.

Through uncertain times and economic pressures at the state and federal levels, there exists a demand for experienced and thoughtful leaders.  Marty has demonstrated the personal commitment, skills and judgment Brea has grown accustomed to as he’s successfully guided our premiere community.

Marty is ready, willing and quite able to serve as your Council Member during the next four years. You’re invited to find out more about Marty and his contributions to Brea as you look further through this website. Please click here to contact Marty Simonoff  for any questions.

We also encourage you to Join Team Marty, to spread the word and, most importantly, to cast your ballot electing Marty Simonoff to a new term on the Brea City Council.